Psychedelic Windmills Desktop ver.

Psychedelic Windmills for iPad version could not be published, because of Apple inc. had changed the guideline of App in the last year's September. However, since there was a request of liking to play it, I decided to publish it with the Windows Desktop version. Please download here.

Download Psychedelic Windmills Windows ver.

Since it is not malicious application, please try in comfort.

Psychedelic Windmills

This work is a kind of emergent art. Colorful and psychedelic abstract graphics such as whirling patterns, windmills and other images that may sometimes look like flowers will morph in various ways in accordance with the viewers' multi-touch operations. The graphics will not stay the same shapes even for a second, and the viewers can enjoy its ever-changing visual effects.

Psychedelic Windmills for iPad

The iPad version of Psychedelic Windmills.

Psychedelic Windmill

The original version of Psychedelic Windmills 2002-2003, which was developed by programming with Windows Visual C++ and OpenGL.

AL Volvox

iPad application, "AL Volvox" has been available on App Store (free).

This artwork represents a world as observed under a microscope, with wiggling "lives" reflecting the images of euglena and paramecia. "AL-Volvox" flees from its predator "AL-Protozoa". "AL-Protozoa" chases "AL-Volvox", eats it, and thereby continues to grow. This work mainly focuses on the viewers' experience and observations of virtual ecosystem. The natural, lifelike shapes and movements of the characters may form a type of heeling art, offering the viewers a sense of comfort - a comfort similar to the feeling of keeping and watching tropical fish.

AL Volvox for iPad

The iPad version of AL Volvox.

upload: AL Volvox, 2006 version

The original work is AL Volvox, 2006 which was developed by programming with Windows Visual C++ and OpenGL.