VIOMECHANOISE/CATDOG, recorded 1986 has been released on Apple Music/iTunes/Google Play/Amazon/YouTube Music and others!

Bot3D /The Seven Evidences of Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

I made a kind of "virtual YouTuber" with Bot3D Editor and iPad.

[Bot3D] Computer Character Dances Dubstep [made with iPad]

"I am the original of animation dancing! Human dancers can't beat me!" I made this animation using with my iPad.

Rotating Screw for Robot Dancing

I was inspired by the screw that Nano Shinonome has on her back, who is one of the characters of "Nichijo" which is my favorite Japanese anime. I tried making the screw rotate by wireless controll.

The Sea of a Sheet / Interactive Art 2014

We exhibited the work at Motoazafu Gallery Sakudaira from August 3 to August 23, 2014.
"The Sea of a Sheet" is an installation using wind. PC controls 48 fans setting on the floor. The fans raise a sheet of cloth, and they create waves. Also Leap Motion Controller reads the audience finger movements, and it makes waves of the sheet corresponding to the finger movements.
Artists: D.E.K.A (Kanebako Junichi×Ryoichiro Debuchi)

adding my illustration's page

I released my original illustrations (digital paintings).

Ukifune -from The Tale of Genji- Live Painting

Ukifune (means a floating boat) is the last female character appearing in "The Tale of Genji". I painted this with openCanvas and it made this making movie automatically.

Sound Images on the Desk / Interactive Art 2012

Artists: D.E.K.A (Ryoichiro Debuchi×Kanebako Junichi)

Sound Images on the Desk 2012 / D.E.K.A. Ryoichiro Debuchi × Kanebako Junichi Media Art,Interactive Art

I sit on a char in font of the desk while listening attentively. I try to tap on the desk *taaap tap tap* The desk responds to me. *taaap tap tap* I trace the surface of the desk from the right to the left quickly. The sounds flow from the right to the left just as I traced. Using my palms, I rubbed the surface of the desk roundly. The sound particles move round as if they were boiling on the desk. I strain my ears, and I try to imagine the images of the sounds that I've just created.

Psychedelic Windmill HD

It was difficult to tell it by the movie though the original of this work was an interactive art. Because there are no interactiveness in the movies, and the frame drops in the screen capture of PC. This time, being able to save the movie file directly in the program of the work is this work.

Survival Plate / Interior Geiger-Muller Counter

sound art work (1990-1991). This work uses a homemade Geiger-Muller counter as a sensor. The electronic sound is put out when it detects the radiation. As the second function, it has the supersonic wave distance measuring equipment. When you bring the hand close, the sound which imitates the sound of the Geiger counter is emitted. The next day of Japan earthquake on 11th March 2011, news reported that the core meltdown of Fukushima nuclear plant might have happened. The Fukushima nuclear plant is in about 250 km north-east of Tokyo where I live in. I thought that the day when I finally should turn on the power supply of the device had come. However, it did not work... It might have been broken. The last part of the movie was filmed using the function of the supersonic wave distance measuring equipment. It was not because of reacting to the radiation.
Tested the mini version of Survival Plate. This time, it seemed to work. It will observe the radiation twice to 15 times per one minute in nature. It seemed still to be safe.

Pinball Camera at interactive tokyo 2010

interactive tokyo 2010, 24-25, August 2010 at National museum of emerging science and innovation. This work is that the audience who takes with a webcam around can observe how virtual flying objects bounce off objects in the real world. Built with Processing.

iPad application,"AL Volvox" has been available on App Store(free).

Pinball Camera was selected as the exhibits in interactive tokyo 2010

uploaded the image of : AL-Amoeba / Interactive Art

AL-AMOEBA / Ryoichiro Debuchi, 2007
Let audience combine freely acrylic parts on a translucent plate, and a webcam shoots the transmitted light from the bottom of it.
The input screen image is processed in real time, at the discretion of color and shape of acrylic parts , "amoebae" are generated.
There are three types of "amoeba" as active/inactive/cell division, each with different behaviors.
  • 1) Active type of "amoeba" chases and eats ( self-absorbs ) other "amoebae".
  • 2) Inactive type of "amoeba" is away from active type of "amoebae".
  • 3) Cell division type of "amoeba" will split to divide the two inactive-type of "amoebae" over time.
Also, over time, according to the imaginary lifecycle of "amoeba", they will transform to other types of "amoeba". Built with processing.

uploaded the image of : Pinball Camera

Pinball Camera / Ryoichiro Debuchi , 2008
Looking through the another world overlapping in this world.
The input screen of webcam composites with 2D computer graphics in real-time.
Built with processing. (

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